You’ll soon be on an EvenKeel. We’ll tell you what to expect next and guide you through the fitting process.

Refer to this page if you have questions when you receive your insoles.

Follow these instructions to get started.

These instructions will arrive with your insoles.

These instructions will arrive with your insoles.

Open the box!

Inside you’ll find a card with instructions on it.

pick a shoe

These insoles are recommended for sneakers but if you would like to try them in other shoes - please be sure the shoe has a removable insole and preferably has laces.

remove the shoe’s original insole

Some shoes may have insoles that do not remove easily. If this is the case with your shoes, move on to the next step. If they don’t feel good, try them in a different pair of shoes with removable insoles.

open up the shoe’s lacing

Open the lacing of the shoes as much as possible and pull the tongue down. This will help you get the insole into the shoe.

insert the insole into your shoe

If you can't seem to get it in at first, roll the toe area up like a canoe and carry it into the toe of the shoe. Check with your hand that the insole’s toe is correctly placed and that the insole isn't riding up one side of the toe box.

optional: warm the insole

Use a hair dryer (10 - 15 seconds MAX!) prior to inserting your foot into the shoe to warm the insole. As we said, this is optional - it is not a necessary step, but warming the insoles feels amazing.

tie your shoes well!

Place your foot into the shoe and TIE your shoes WELL. Loose shoes can make an insole feel uncomfortable. That being said - don't over tighten them either. They should be snug, but not uncomfortable.

prepare yourself for awesome!!

Ok! Now that your shoes are all tied up, it’s time to walk around. They may feel weird at first, but that is normal. Wear them regularly right away, no need to gradually increase the amount of time your wear the insoles. Any strange feelings should be resolved in 24 - 48 hours of use. If you have any questions or things are not feeling quite right, don’t hesitate to let us know. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal!