EvenKeel has the perfect insole, just for you.


First, choose the correct base for your needs and lifestyle, then select from one of four top cover materials to enhance your custom EvenKeel insole.


EvenKeel Firm Insole Base

EvenKeel’s firm insole base is ideal for activities where the foot requires immediate reactivity to the ground. Constructed for speed, pivoting, and motion, it is perfect for casual and low-impact walks, in addition to long, intense runs on any type of terrain. The black material provides a sturdy, supportive base which holds the heel and mid-foot in an ideal position, while the orange layer provides cushioning without sacrificing performance.

EvenKeel Soft Insole Base

EvenKeel’s soft insole base is ideal for individuals experiencing foot, leg, knee, hip, back, or neck pain, and for those working in active fields such as medical, retail, engineering, education, maintenance, and hospitality. Our unique cushioning provides maximum comfort and protection to the body by easing the impact of harsh solid surfaces, while also working to correct stride imperfections.

Active Nylon + Firm Base $99

Perfect for — Individuals with minor foot pain who also experience knee and lower back pain. Active Nylon adds a soft layer of foam to enhance the enjoyment of physical activity while decreasing painful side effects.

Tan Suede + Firm Base $108

Perfect for — Those who experience heel pain, or are looking for extra firm support. When adding Tan Suede to our firm base, the result is an extra-firm, ultra-durable insole, yet one that is soft and luxurious to the touch.

Black Suede + Firm Base $115

Perfect for — Individuals with frequent aches and pains. Black Faux Suede is our thinnest top cover material, making this combination our firmest, perfect for use in both athletic sneakers and dress shoes.

Active Nylon + Soft Base $99

Perfect for — Individuals with pain in the bottom of the heel or arch, typically felt most while walking (plantar surface pain). Active Nylon paired with our soft base makes this combination our softest.

Tan Suede + Soft Base $108

Perfect for — Those looking to improve or prevent overall aches and pains caused by incorrect stride and harsh surfaces. Tan Suede adds a firm layer of support to our soft base, making this an excellent everyday combination.

Black Suede + Soft Base $115

Perfect for — Individuals in need of general foot pain relief who are also looking for a great everyday insole option. The soft material under our thin Black Faux Suede materials offers a comfortable, stylish combination.