Dr. Frank J. Santopietro, D.P.M.


Dr. Frank Santopietro, D.P.M.  is chief medical officer and lead podiatrist of EvenKeel Podiatry, a practice, technology and health philosophy bringing a holistic approach to podiatric sports medicine, keeping patients mobile, active and healthy.

He brings 40 years of clinical experience in sports medicine and podiatric surgery to the EvenKeel practice and his is a unique brand of podiatry that offers patients an experience unlike any other in podiatric sports medicine and health management, providing cutting edge technology coupled with old fashioned caring values to invest in positive patient outcomes.

His practice offers patients from world class athletes to the weekend warrior, to those just starting to get in shape, solutions to prevent injury, reduce rehabilitation time and improve performance. The philosophy of the practice is to address the source of the problem, not just the symptoms and offer solutions that are rarely invasive. It is one of the only practices in the region that enables patients to get foot orthotics in about an hour and fitted sneakers that complement the orthotics in the same day.

Over the course of his career Dr. Santopietro has consulted for a number of NFL teams and is also a designer and develops current technology for athletic shoes. He is the former Chief of Podiatry at Children’s Hospital in the Division of Sports Medicine and a former Clinical Assistant Professor in Family Medicine at Brown University. Dr. Santopietro served as podiatric consultant to the Boston Ballet and Brown University, Boston College, Providence College and Emmanuel College athletic departments. For 25 years he was the podiatric physician for the New England Patriots and continues to treat other professional and elite athletes. Dr. Santopietro has served as the medical director for The Ocean State marathon for 12 years and has worked with world class runners.

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Dr. Frank Santopietro, D.P.M.

Dr. Frank Santopietro, D.P.M.