You asked for it. We listened. New upgrades to our app

EvenKeel’s development team, consisting of CEO David Santopietro & CTO Phil Manor have been working nonstop for the last couple of weeks to bring about changes to the application. The idea behind this redesign of the website was to make the ordering process a lot smoother and add guided expert advice from the Chief Medical Officer, and founder Dr. Frank Santopietro. With this in mind they hope to get the user from start to finish in less time with more confidence in the product they selected. This will also allow the app to let us know when a customer is experiencing difficulty so we can help them. After all, the aim of the product is to help the individual with any discomfort they might have on their feet, so why should they have any discomfort when ordering the product?

Given that Evenkeel is relaunching its app we would love people to go through the process of ordering their own pair of insoles. We have decided to give out a discount code of 35% to all customers when using the following code:

Discount Code: SUMMER2019

Please feel free to share this code with Family and friends.

(This discount code is only valid until 08/31/2019 )