What's New in our Web App - June 2019

We’ve made some improvements! Here is a list of what is new as of June 2019:

User Interface & Usability

  • We’ve improved the navigation of the app and how a user gets around when they are new user or a returning user.

  • Made it easier for folks to login when they don’t have a password as we came to realize, lots of people forget their passwords. We removed Forgot Password and just included a “Login Email” link which works the same way.

  • Improved the way text shows up on screen and made it more responsive and compatible with a wider variety of screen sizes.

  • Added a decision engine to help users make a decision about what top cover and base to choose.

  • Made minor improvements to photo instructions

Back-end improvements

  • Improved our measurement system so insoles are measured more quickly and accurately.

  • Provided better tracking through the app so we could see if and where folks are having trouble with the process so we can provide better support

  • Improved our reordering system to make it easier to reorder an insole.

Other Stuff

  • Added laser engraving to the bottom of the insole. Next step will be to allow users to interact with their insole to customize what is written on the insole.