Our Mission and Motivation

The beginning of a (not so?) brief history about our company, our motivation and (hopefully) your path to freedom from foot pain.

As our business is a family business, so much of our identity, our brand, and our message comes from deep ties to our home: New England.

I grew up in Massachusetts, my wife in Connecticut. My parents are both from Rhode Island. My dad -- Dr. Frank Santopietro, DPM -- loved his hometown of Providence, RI, but after studying podiatry at the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine (now part of Temple University - Go Owls!) he moved his family to Boston, MA where he started his surgical residency. Boston was a short trip to his home and his parents in Rhode Island, and so in 1974, our family became Bostonians.

Fast forward 44 years. I have worked alongside my father for 14 years, learned his approach to biomechanics and helped him build a successful orthotic system for his practice. As an expert biomechanist, Frank is consummate in his approach. He loves to see his patients’ conditions improve, and he is equally dedicated to every patient he sees, no matter the nature of their visit. As we expand our offering we wish to have the same approach to our new customers, so as not to tarnish Frank’s amazing career and all the goodwill of the community we have built here in Brookline, Boston, and the Greater New England region.

Our biggest fear is that folks would think we're selling out by introducing a custom performance insole to an already-crowded market. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything we see a great need for a better solution than any of the one size fits all inserts, “customized” 3D printed arch supports, or gel pads out there. We're not interested in adding another mediocre offering. Our insole product has been in development for years and has been designed with the same high standards of quality and integrity that patients have come to expect from Dr. Santopietro’s podiatry practice in his over 44 years of experience.

This blog is going to be about our journey as a family and as a business, and hopefully, I’ll tell a story that you will enjoy. But through it all, we’ll continue to help people find the pain relief they seek when they come to us.  Whether it’s something common like heel pain, or a little more out of the ordinary, we're here to help. Please feel free to join in and ask us questions about your foot and lower extremity conditions. We’ll do our best to answer every single question.

We passionately believe that no one should go through life feeling like they’re NOT steady on their feet, feeling like they’re NOT sailing smooth, feeling like they are NOT on an even keel.

That's why we're called EvenKeel after all!

So happy sailing on happy feet, and we'll see you soon!


David Santopietro